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July 16th, 2011

04:55 pm
just wanted to post here to say that i'm happy.

david and theo and i have made a lovely, homey home for us and our cute kitters. david and i have been together about 8 years (depending on whose anniversary you are going by) and we love each other and commit more to each other everyday. our relationship, and us as individuals, have changed a lot in the last 8ish years and we've managed (or been lucky enough) to always be able to work together to come to an agreement until the next time something changes.

theo has made a lot of progress and has been the opposite of a burden. he helps me so much in a lot of ways. he encourages me to get up and get out of the house on a beautiful day. he takes out the trash and does the dishes. he always has a question that forces me to fully explain and examine something. he is healthy, happy, and discovering that those things are even possible for himself has changed his worldview. he thanks me a lot for helping him be "a new man."

we always have fun together. we go for long walks, the 3 of us, or out to eat or to a movie or sit around the house or whatever. sometimes theo is actively engaged in the conversation or actions, sometimes we all just marvel at how lost he gets in his own thoughts. david and i feel like we get enough alone time because theo likes to spend time by himself, or zones out so completely that it doesnt make a difference to him whats going on around him anyway, he just ignores us and comes back to our world occasionally to make sure he didnt miss anything. we were sitting at a restaurant one day and we were all bickering about something until we laughed and paused and david just said "i like our little family." and me and theo said "me too."

i am proud to work at a fantastic hospital for a wonderful organization that makes me feel fulfilled, and with fun supportive coworkers in a mostly nonstressful (or good stressful) environment.

i get paid well and make enough money to pay all my bills, save a lot, and still be able to go visit my faraway friends and go out to eat too often.

my parents delusions of moving to mass have finally been realized and they have abandoned all plans to come and purposely put an emotional burden on all of us.

i am able to have totally lazy days where i do nothing because i have almost no responsibilities to people that are not my little family. i have an extensive nail polish collection which i immensely enjoy.

i am so content in my life right now that i have almost abandoned any longterm plans that people my age seem to make. i still love planning but now we mostly plan things in fantasy terms. "one day, lets...." sort of planning. the only sort of plan i've been thinking in my head has been that shriners gets so goddamn slow that its completely unstimulating and uneducational, and starts paying comparatively badly the longer you work that, that i cannot stay there forever. in a couple of years i think i will move on. but thats "one day..." planning.

i am happy.

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August 17th, 2008

07:38 pm
friends only.

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August 7th, 2008

07:01 pm
i am tired

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December 9th, 2006

04:30 pm
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raised by yankees, two years in boston... wicked awesome or whateva.

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August 2nd, 2006

10:17 pm
i got my car today! its plain and not very special but its mine and it means i can go places when i want to, and i dont have to convince someone to go with me or ask permission or see if my friends can pick me up or anything. david got his van, but of course nick couldnt bring it home without doing more damage to it. he had a blowout and somehow broke one of the side windows on the way.

nicky leaves for prague tomorrow. its ridiculous how little respect he has for anything. my dad says when he gets old he's going to go to nick's house with a baseball bat and break everything, because thats the equivalent of what nick did in the 18 years he lived in this house. nick deserves everything he gets, i'll just say that.

my babies ate one mouse each one friday, and one more each today. its so much fun. i love those snakeys they are so pretty and funny.

i used david's 1G usb thingie to copy nick's Harry Potter Audiobooks from his computer to mine. its good background noise, since i've already read them. i really like them. it would be fun to be a narrator on audiotape like that. it would take a long time, i bet, developing all the different voices for different characters and stuff.

29 days until i leave for boston
32 until i move into my dorm
and my roommates seem cool so far

college is so much cooler than high school. i was never excited to go back to high school. but now i'm psyched about starting school again. eeeeeeeeee! i have my 4 classes and 3 labs. everyone in the student_nurses community is always complaining about having semesters over 17 credits. does this seem like a retarded thing to complain about to anyone else? i understand 13 is full time, but i took 19 my first semester and it wasnt difficult to deal with.

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July 24th, 2006

07:24 pm
i just finished the harry potter and the half blood prince.

i'm so depressed.

what a bastard.

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03:58 pm
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

i love my snakey snakes

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July 21st, 2006

01:05 am
i wonder how long i can keep this livejournal. a lot of grownups are into blogging, which i still find strange. usually blogwriters are teens and early-twenties recounting the events of the day, the parties of the night, the regrets of the morning, woes of lame jobs and school. but you can run across the average 40-something mom or 54-year old golfer and stuff too, and they still have interesting things happening in their lives, worthwhile kinds of things to write about. maybe i just underestimate grownups.

anyway, all that was supposed to point to that i'd like to still have this livejournal when i'm graduating or when i'm sending my first child off the kindergarten or going through the hell that raising a teenager must be, or whatever other momentus occasions that i imagine won't happen to me until i'm old but my thoughts about "old" have changed drastically.

i wonder what its like to be old, too. will i walk around in ugly sweaters talking loudly about kids today, wearing a funny outdated hairstyle with a big ol bag of my medications on my shoulder? whats it like to realize that your body is shutting down - vision worsening, hearing decreasing, needing help to get out of a chair? to realize that you're OLD, and everyone thinks youre senile when you say something silly thats only funny to you and a few other people who died last year so you laugh to yourself; or thinks youre a dirty old man because you make the same kind of vulgar jokes you would have when you were 20, when back then you were just funny?

my yiayia looks through the obituaries every day. she'll say to my papou, "louie, so-and-so died last week, aint that too bad?"
"so-and-so, remember, we used to go to the diner with her and her husband on thursday nights and then go dancing?"
oh yeah. isn't that somethin.
"yeah, thats too bad." then she tells me stories about this nice girl who lived up on brock ave, and this "b-i-t-c-h" who went around stealing everyone's boyfriends while my papou nods absentmindedly and says "oh, yes, dear" when cued.

imagine, being 75 years old, and seeing that your sorority sister or that kid that copied off you in history or your lab partner from years and years and years ago, who you can remember clear as day, is dead now, because they were just as old as you are. thats so weird.

i got a new migraine medication that won't make me lose weight or give my children birth defects if i still have to be taking it when i want to have bebes. it starts with a Z.
also, i am starting harry potter and the halfblood prince. order of the phoenix comes out july 13 2007, and there are going to be some wicked fight scenes in that one. awesommmmeee. i'm on the verge of becoming a fangirl.

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June 11th, 2006

02:18 pm
i drove the rental car yesterday to kfc to get dinner for everyone with my dad.it has a 5 cd changer so i put in etta james, because me and dad love her. i love her more just because my dad does. we listened to At Last 3 times in a row. thats the song i'll dance to at my wedding with my dad.

also, the following songs are not even to be mentioned at my wedding reception:
the chicken dance
the electric slide
any songs they play at football games or skating rinks

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June 5th, 2006

02:33 pm
nicky came home for the weekend and totaled the honda saturday night/sunday morning, almost killed his friend phil and phil's girlfriend. probably the only reason she's not dead is because she was so wasted.

pictures when my computer decides to behave.

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